Apply Loc/Scale/Rot not working?

I have an object that I’ve trying to have go to a certain position
when I clear location in an animation I’m working on.
Some times applying Loc/Scale/Rot works from the Ctrl+A menu.
(I usually try applying both of those). But right now it’s just not doing
anything. When I clear location it goes back to the center of the entire scene.

Is it possible to have a different default location? Am I attempting this
in the wrong way?

you probably have an IPO assigned to it.

Well, it did have an IPO assigned to it. I deleted it
and then tried applying again and still, it keeps going back
to point 0,0,0 when I clear it’s location.

I wasn’t thinking earlier. This object I’ve been trying
to apply a different location to is not even going to be
part of the render since it’s a shape for a bone.
Goofy me. I wonder if that has something to do with it.
Now I realize this isn’t that important to figure out for
what I’m doing.

Thanks for helping me out PapaSmurf. It’s funny
how people just suggesting things gets me to look
around more and even if it’s not the exact answer it
ends up leading me to it way faster than me trying
to figure it out on my own.

This forum has become my main source of information
for learning Blender. It’s golden.