Apply loopcut to multiple parts at once


I have a simple problem. I just came across a model that is one object but more parts. I need to add loop cut to support edges but when I select them all it will add the loop cut just on the part where I am hovering with the mouse. Is there a way to apply it at once to all parts?

This is the expected behavior since even if you join objects the loop cut will be add on each separated part where you position your cursor.

Try to use the remesh modifier or the new voxel remesher in 2.81 to get a uniform quad mesh.

Maybe there is another way that i am not aware but for now this is all i can see.

The remesh ended up similar, it remeshed just one part and erase the others. I do not use 2.81 yet. Its a pity that this does not work like that. It would be easier to just apply to all selected then make the loop cuts 2 and set them to be near of the corners. I was used to this in Maya

You could use the Intersect(Knife) operator…

In edit mode, create a plane (or planes) as big as the rest of your object, place it where you want to make the cut, select everything except the plane(s), and Face>Intersect(Knife) with source:selected/unselected.
In the end, delete what’s left from the planes.


Having all the edge rings selected like you do in your screenshot, instead of loop cut just do Edge->Subdivide. It’ll cut loop(s) through all the rings. You can then select those new loops and bevel them to get the support edges on both sides.


Edge subdivide work perfectly well for this situation like stan mention and secrop solution also work.

…and as a shameless plug, you could try my small add-on (for now use the version updated by Meta-Androcto). I still haven’t gotten around to posting a proper update. For it to work you’ll need face selection instead of edges, but on the upside it’ll leave you with the new loop already selected, instead of selecting everything around it.
In the future update it’ll be able to cut through edges as well, not just faces.

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Loopcut only works on connected surfaces.

Easiest way to cut separated geometry like this

is use edit mode Knife Tool (K). Just don’t forget to enable Cut Through (Z) and Angle Constraint © options. There is more info in status bar, holding Ctrl for midpoint snap also can be very useful

Once cut is done you can select it with border select in wireframe mode and move it to specific height by typing in values in item tab in Sidebar (N)

Thank you guys, thats a few ways how it can be done. Will try that.