Apply mesh/net material to 3D model


I have a 3D model of Buddha that I would like to apply a mesh/net material to. I would like the Buddha to look like it is made of a mesh/net. Not just projected on the Buddha but like someone have taken a flat piece mesh/net and bent it into a Buddha figure. I’m quite new to Blender and like to ask if there is any good tutorial that covers this subject.

Give it a material and in the material settings set it to Wire instead of the default Surface (left object)
Make it a wireframe by selecting all faces and Ctrl+F / Wireframe. Set wire thickness in toolshelf or F1 (right object)

The results depend on the mesh you have. Ideally for a mesh you’d want equal sized faces. You could try using a remesh modifier to give you that.


wire.blend (636 KB)

Thanks. Worked great!