Apply modifier to many meshes at once?

Hi, I have about 60 meshes that I would like to apply the same modifier to. Is there a way to apply to all at once (it doesn’t seem to work when I select-all) or do I need to apply the modifier to each mesh seperately?

sadly, it’s not possible to do that (well, not that I know of). in blender, sometimes you just have to do something over and over again. i personally apply 15 of whatever i’m doing and wait 4 or 5 minutes for a break. it relieves the repetitive sress, and reduces carpal tunnel syndrome risk :wink:

First add the modifier(s) you want to copy in one of the mesh objects . Then select all the other mesh objects and then the one with the modifier(s) last (this important), then just hit Ctrl-C and go to the bottom of the Copy Attributes context menu to copy either all the modifiers or you can select from the list of all modifiers available . All the other mesh objects will now have the same modifiers .

Sorry comrade … break time is over :wink:

Top tip, thanks, I didn’t know that :cool:

lol…well, it seems I’ve learned something too! no more breaks for me!:wink: