Apply modifier to multiple selection

Very noob question i guess. I’m new to blender.

I found some nice kitbashs from gumroad and i want to clean it as much as possible.

everything is beveled so i would like to apply deformers to them all.

How could i do it?

bonus question:

should i make a python loop? or a line with the right rgument can make it ?
i’m not familiar to code but i want to improve it in blender as much as possible to start on the right foot.

By “deformers” do you mean a bevel modifier? To apply one objects’ modifier to others, shift select each object, with the last one selected being the one with the modifier. Press Control+L and select “modifiers” from the menu that pops up.
As for your bonus question: I have no idea.

yes, i mean a bevel modifier. i used the word deformers as a synonym of modifiers (from a previous software experience i guess).

But no, applying means freezing the modifiers stack in blender. so i’m looking for the way to apply many modifiers on many objects at the same time. No to put on a modifier on many objects.

Edit: i found this: Object > Apply > Visual Geometry to Mesh
it works on a multiple selection