apply object rotation to mesh, so object rotation becomes 0,0,0

I’ve got an object, rotated to the desired angles. Let’s say, 2x,4y,6z just for ease. Then I realize I want the object rotation to be 0,0,0, - but I also want to keep the rotation, by applying the object’s rotation to the mesh - as in, rotate the mesh data by 2x,4y,6z, then rotate the object to 0,0,0.

Is there a better way to achieve this result than by manually rotating each axis in edit mode, then clearing rotation in object mode?

Thanks, all!

CTRL-A -> apply rotation is what you are looking for…


Wow, I don’t know how I’ve made it this far into my Blender career without knowing about that shortcut! I suppose it’s because I usually model things at the desired orientation. Thanks a million!


This absurdly simple tip led me to solve one incredible dilemma:
when exporting in fbx to use with unity, one of my models would be hit by inverse light. That is, the side facing the lights would stay black, and the opposite side would be lit!
This issue originated in blender, because the mesh dimension was negative on all axes (blender actually gives one console warning about this, but you can’t see it normally).

Thanks to CTRL A => scale
the problem was fixed, since my model acquired a “size 1” and was successfully imported afterwards. Thanks both.