Apply PNG-Texture to object

Hey there, I’m trying to apply a png image as the texture of a garment I made in Marvelous Designer (because it wasn’t imported for some reason). The image has transparent parts which should not be visible. I am pretty new to all of this and I can’t figure out how to do that. I’ve tried what you see in the screenshot. Is it also possible to only have vertices where there is something visible?! Screenshot (36)|690x388
Here also the image texture:

and if it helps also the blend file:
Thank you already!

This is the usual setup for a material with transparency.
You’ve got a transparent shader, wich makes your surfaces … transparent and you have your regular diffuse shader, wich is just a placeholder for any kind of material setup, you’d like to have there … last but not least, you mix these shaders using some sort of mask.

Your texture might not have an alpha channel! Just select it in the Image Editor and check, if there’s this checkerboard texture in the background.
In case of your texture, I think the transparency is “encoded” just with the regular RGB channels. So make sure to switch the “Color Space” dropdown from “sRGB” to “non Color” in your Image Texture node and use the “Color” output instead of the “Alpha” output as a factor for the mix shader.

If you’re using Eevee, transparency isn’t going to work out of the box.
In your Material settings, you need to change the “Blend mode” from “Opaque” to “Alpha Blend”. Otherwise, Eevee is going to treat your transparent elements as solid black to save on performance. If you want more accurate shadows, you might also want to have a look at the Shadow Mode.

Thank you so much! I just missed the general transparent bsdf and the opaque setting thing. Now it works. Still: Is there a way to delete all vertices that are invisible and not in use anyways?

I can’t think of an automated, clean way to do that and I am also not sure, why you’d want to do that to be honsest. :stuck_out_tongue:
For the non-automated manual way, I’d reccomend using the knife tool.

So there is nothing like: replace alpha 0 with nothing (I have no idea :joy:). Its because I’m actually doing a hologram where I use a particle system.

okay that’s a thing, that is unfortunately only possible in cycles.
When you add a UV-Input node, you can choose the option “from instancer” and use the uv coordinates of your dress to set the opacity for your particles.

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thanks i’ll have a look!

Hey man, I’ve been away for a week and I’m not sure how to do what you described: Using a UV-Input node for fitting the mesh to the png image (I’d guess just take a UV Map node and plug it somewhere…?:thinking:). Any chance you could explain it to me or at least tell me how you call this so I can look it up myself? Thank you already for taking your time!

Lwarning, how to do it? puuh … it basically boils down to trying to understand the fundamentals, reading documentation, experimenting a bunch, experience and looking at other peoples work to try and recreate it.

For the node-setup, you’ve got there: this works for the cloth-material, but you told me, you also wanted to include a particle system!
For the particle material, you should check the “from instancer” checkbox in your texture coordinate or UV-map node.
That way, the particles will use the UV-map position where they spawned at on the emitting object.