Apply procedural texture doosn't work

I tried to modelize my own sofa with the right proportion.
To do that I used the addon PDT and modelized my sofa thanks to vertex and faces creation (key F)
Then I followed a tutorial to create a procedural velvet material.
Appliying the material works great when i do cube to do the pillows but it doesnt seem to work on my sofa.
So I did some tests and it seems that when you create faces by selecting several vertices and apply a procedural texture on it, it doesnt work, only the color appear.
What should I do ?
I wish I could attached my blender file as an example but as a new user im not allowed to.
Thanks for your help !

How do you unwrap your UV?

Sorry i’m a beginner but I didnt unwrap anything as it’s a procedural texture made with shaders, or did I miss something ?.

I found a way to share the image :

My blender file :

It’s not procedural.

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How did you make the sofa btw?

There is a hole:

There are weird faces and bad topology:

This can be challenging for UV unwrapping.

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Thanks a lot, I did it using creating vertices and then faces

I think you should start with the cube, add some loop cuts, then extrude and transform…