Apply rotation to camera?

Just a quick question…
Is there any way to apply rotation to a camera?
I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t seem to work…
If you can’t do that, no problem, I can work my way around it.

RMB select the camera in object mode and press R. It works the same as rotating any other object. You can also specify the axis to rotate it on and the rotation angle.

R then X will limit rotation to the X axis etc.
R then X then 30 will rotate it 30 degrees on the X axis.

If you are in camera view R will rotate the camera around the camera view axis.

Edit: Sorry didn’t read your question fully, I don’t think you can apply the rotation you make. Edit:

You can also force your camera to always point to your object with “Track to constraint”… So If you move your object, the camera will always point to the center of the object.

Select the camera (RMB)
Select the object Shift + RMB

(camera first then object)

Ctrl + T - choose Track to Constraint


But there’s no way to use the Apply Rotation function on a camera though, right?

Looks like you’re right, Gollum999. Ctrl+a will bring up the “Apply Scale and rotation” pop-up, but when you click on OK, nothing happens. You can go into the properties panel (nkey) and change the rotations to 0.000 and the scales to 1.000, but the camera will rotate or scale when you do that. There doesn’t seem to be any way to make the camera orient to anything but global x y and z. Same thing seems to apply to the empty as well.