Apply scale&rotation to object with shape-keys (or linked duplicates)

Ok, i think everybody (who used shape keys that is) has run into this problem one time or another.

I’ve scaled and rotated my model (which has a lot of shape keys) in ObjectMode and now want to apply this transformation to the vertices in EditMode (i.e the Mesh in all Keys).
Right now Blender prevents this with the error:

Can’t apply to a mesh with vertex keys.
My question here is: What’s the problem in doing so? I see no reason the function couldn’t just run trough all the shape-keys and apply the transformations for each of 'em.

The same is true for link-duplicated objects… i see no reason here as well why blender can’t apply the changes I made to one object to the underlying/linked mesh.

Can’t apply to a multi user mesh.
If this just hasn’t been programmed i fully understand this, but for everything else i would like to know why.

Thanks for any answers,

Check out W specials menu, Propagate To All Shapes. This might help. I don’t recall the specifics, but I think it will change all your shape keys, just not using the work flow you’ve outlined.

I just tried this and it overwrites all my shape keys with the current one (unless I’m using it wrong) so no it isn’t even near a solution :frowning:

Thanks for the answer,