Apply scale to armature with animation


I’m making a game character and want to add a few animations from Mixamo rigs.
I’ve auto-rigged the model and now trying to scale it, because default Mixamo armature is small for a game engine I’m trying to export to.

However, when I scale the armature and then apply the scale, something happens with the animation: the whole armature is shifted up by Z axis and animation becomes weird. So it seems like there are some problems with keyframe scaling.

Blender version is 2.79 (the latest stable). I’ve attached a demo file, so you guys can test it if you want.

The question is: is there any solution for that problem?

Thank you!


armature.blend (2.42 MB)

Scale it edit mode not object mode.

I’ve tried to scale it in edit mode, but it affects animation keyframes the same way as applying scale, so it doesn’t help.
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