Apply shapkey and apply modifier(s) with convert to mesh

Hello, this is for everyone who has an interest in it

This is for anyone interested in it.
I am modeling with the experimental version of blender.
For a bed I wanted to make a duvet that looks like used for my tiny house tower project.
That works too well with the Cloth physhics.
However, I wanted a regular mesh and no shape keys.
Because I work with the alpha versions 2.83 and 2.90 I did not manage to get the single mesh through normal way.
After trying it out, I found out that in Opject mode under Object, Convert to Mesh from Curve / Metha / Surf / Text, it has the same effect as Apply button.
Where I tested it, all Shapekeys and all Modifians were processed to the end mesh.
In 2.90 the Apply and Copy buttons are missing. With the above mentioned option all Modefiers are applied at once. I tested myself Subsurfice and a Booleon.
It is a work uround but I found this an easy way to get rid of my Shapekeys and only have the desired shape.
I hope this helps someone.
I am currently working / experimenting with blender-2.83-7a4e045d8f5f-windows64 and blender-2.90.0-464aaf27016f-windows64.


This workaround works also for linked object with a boolean.
You can see that this is the object mode and the apply button is not active.
The second cube is linked to the first one.
After Object > Convert to > Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text.

The boolean is gone and both linked cubes are updated.
The link is still there witch you can check if you go to the edit mode.
This is dan in blender-2.83-7a4e045d8f5f-windows64