Apply single bone rotations and scales

(ms_knights) #1

i’m making a simple minecraft character and I’ve gotten to the part where i’m putting in rotation limits to several bones. it seems that the default position has the bone origin set sideways and backwards even though the bone itself is positioned strait up vertically.

so when adding the min and max angles for the x limit (this specific one is for the waist of the character ie their back so that they can bend backwards and forward) the bone is only allowed to bend backward. :spin:

of course i can just change the numbers to make the bone rotate how i want it to but it would be better and less confusing if i can apply the new positions/rotations/scaling of the bones since there will most likely be other bones like this too.

i have seen where you can apply the p/r/s but its for the whole rig/mesh not individual bones. (i did try them first, it was the Ctrl + A shortcut but it didn’t work)

anyone know a solution where you can apply the P/R/S to single bones?

for now ill try to set the min and max to where it bends well enough.

(Hadriscus) #2

Not entirely sure what you mean - the bone origin is sideways and backwards relatively to what ? (a picture would help) Applying doesn’t make sense with bones, since they’re always zero-ed out in pose mode without you having to do anything, so that’s probably not what you’re looking for.