apply size/rot to emtpy and empty's parents

I have many objects parented to an empty.
Empty size=1.45
I need to apply size/rot to this empty, without clear parent/make parent to the many objects.

How can I do this?


The way I do this,

  1. go into top view and add a new empty at the same location as the original empty. Copy the rotation (ctrl-c) to the new empty and apply it.

  2. select the original empty, then shift-g and select children from the menu.

  3. then alt-p clear parent and keep transformations.

  4. then shift-select (add it to the current selections) the new empty and parent the whole batch to the new empty.

  5. delete the old empty.

The process is really a lot less complicated to do than my description makes it sound.

Hope this helps,