Apply subsurf before multi-res?

I am finishing up a human model and things are looking very nice. I’m just about at the stage where I am going to sculpt in fine details like pores and wrinkles. My plan is to bake these details onto a normal map which will be applied to the low poly version of the model with subsurf level 2. A few questions: If you only know some answers, please don’t feel you need to answer them all.

  1. Should I apply the suburf before using multi-res?

  2. Can I bake the normal map in cycles. I haven’t been able to, and currently I switch to BI to bake normal maps. Is there some trick for cycles?

  3. Since the detail is so small, should I lower the distance parameter on the normal bake, or do something else to it?

  1. Can I bake the normal map in cycles.
    No, you cannot bake in cycles but since its a normal map, it’s irrelevant what renderer you use.

It’s just a pain for me because I’m terrible with BI materials. How about the first question? It may be six of one, half dozen the other. I want to be able to get the highest multi-res level I can while taxing my system the least.