Apply texture to a Plane

I am not sure whether I am taking the right path. From guides on the internet I got this far. How to apply the texture on the left window to the plane of the right viewport ? Thanks.

Edit mode, select all faces and unwrap. Select all in UV editor and place the UV island to cover the image.

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I tried U and Smart UV Project. This is how it is now. May I know why the texture is not through ?

Select the points in the UV editor, rotate, scale, and position it to cover the image.
Add a material that uses the image as a texture, and switch to material preview or rendered mode.

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I got close with selecting material in layout mode. Not sure what is blocking me in the UV editor

I think I got it almost right. But as you see, I am not able to adjust the tiles in the UV editor. Instead the brush is dominating that part of the screen. Please see