apply textures to externally generated .obj meshes

Hey there,
I generated 31 sequential .obj meshes externally (a cloth falling on a table) and imported them into blender to add materials and textures.
After I applied texture to the first mesh, and do the animation, it seems that the textures did not “stick to” the cloth but “moved around” (see attachment). Do any of you might know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance :smiley:

Attachments (5.15 MB)

No blend file supplied !! Why not ?

How is the texture applied to the material
Does the object have UVs ? If so ensure the texture is mapped to these UV in the material texture settings
What renderer ?


Thanks so much! I’ve uploaded the .blend and another sample video (it should open with blender 2.66).
Yep, the object has UVs, I applied UV unwrapping for each frame (mesh), but it seems that each frame has different coordinates… Still can’t figure this out :frowning:

Attachments (141 KB)sample.blend (1.1 MB)

What am I supposed to be looking at ? You have an unwrapped plane and another object with no vertices, none with any textures included.

Please supply a blend file that clearly shows the problem, one that needs no explanation.