applyImpulse, again.

I am sorry for asking. There are already numerous threads about the issue but I just cannot figure this out.

I have an object that I apply four impulses to in order to let it hover:

own.applyImpulse(pos, vect, True)

I set it to local coordinates but this only affects its position, not orientation. When the object rotates, the coordinates don’t rotate with it.
Is there a way to make it apply the impulses to the four points i actually intended?
Thanks in advance.

I use it all the time, but I don’t use local,

I just parent 4 empties, and give them the property thrust,

and do

for child in own.children:
    if 'thrust' in child:

Thanks a lot! I spent an hour looking through my code to find a mistake. Didn’t think about that approach, though.