Applying A 2D Texture Normal Map To An Object?

Hey Everyone,

i searched everywhere for this and couldnt find anything. i made a normal map of a texture in another program, loaded the normal map texture in the UV image editor, but how do I apply it to the mesh to make it work?


Assign a material if the mesh doesn’t have one, create a new texture, set it to affect the normal only and map input uv. Texture will be type image, load the texture in the slot and click normal map button.


Thank you so much 3D. Your such a help.

I am totally confused now. As you say there is Normal Map switch under Map Image in the Texture Buttons (F6). But there is a Normal setting under Shading (F5) as well; under Map To tab, Nor button. What is what here?

You have to use both.

The Texture:Image button sets the property of the image that is to be used as a Normal texture.

The Nor button in the F5 panel makes the material shader to actually use the image for the normal channel. This also has a slider for adjusting the strength.

Geez. But then there is no setting for bump map.

For bump map you also use Nor but with a gray scale image texture. (You typically also select ‘NoRGB’.