Applying a decal on an object with array modifier

Hello. I have a problem related to decals & array modifier. On a mesh I applied a decal using an empty object. Now I would like to replicate this object using an array modifier and I need to preserve the decal on each copy of the mesh. Every attempt failed. I also looked for an answer on this forum, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a solution. Can you help me?

I would like to create something like these rally headlights (those with the “hella” writing):

The material is very simple (at the moment):

The Object used as input of the Texture Coordinate node is a simple Empty.

I put my trust in you :evilgrin: …and I apologize if the answer was already on the forum, I wasn’t able to find it :no:

You could put a uv project modifier in the stack before the array modifier.

Many thanks! It worked! What a nice, easy and effective solution! :slight_smile: