Applying a Material to multiple objects...

(banana_sock) #1

i have a lot of different objects that i want to have the same material. Is there a way to give them the same material without doing it one by one. When i select multiple objects, it only applies the material to the active object, not all of them. I would do it manually, but doing it 5370 times would kinda get on my nerves.

(adyus) #2

yeah. Select them all and join them (Ctrl-J)(only if they are all of the same type). Now you can give the material to one object, which contains all your small objects joined as one. Hope it helps.

(S68) #3


Give the right material to ONE object

Select all objects you want of that material.

Select the object which already has the material

press CNTR+L

Select Material



(adyus) #4

oooh, a smart guy! :smiley: (don’t worry, i liked your tip, it’s actually better than mine for animations, it’s just that i’m a stills kin of guy, so I tend to compromise :wink: )

(S68) #5


adyus, actually mine is better also for stills… If you have 3 meshes of 30000 vertexes each… try joining them and then tell me :slight_smile:


(adyus) #6

yeah…right on that one too :frowning: sigh guess i still have a whole lot to learn about blender…i’ve always been messy while modelling