Applying a material with multiple textures to a larger object

Blender version: 2.57

Very n00bish question here: I was practicing creating a material (a smooth, white marble, in this case) by layering on multiple textures (clouds, noise, etc., not images) onto a material, similar to what I had seen in a tutorial. It turned out nice, but when I applied the material to a large object, the material/textures stretched out to fit over the object, which looks unrealistic. I looked for size/repeat options under the materials tab but couldn’t find any. I didn’t want to mess with the size settings of the individual textures, on account of there being so many of them, and for fear of accidentally messing up the size of one relative to the others.

Is there some other option or approach I am overlooking here?

In the material tab, there’s no size value, you need to tweak it on each texture.
If you want to change the size value for all the textures at once, you can change the mapping coordinates of each textures from generated to object ; you’ll need to add an empty that you’ll be able to used to define the mapping coordinates for all the textures at once by scaling it.
Also you can unwrap the UV for mesh and use UV as mapping coordinates for each texture.