Applying Armature Deform with Automatic Weights realigns model.

Hi, I’ve been following this youtube guide on how to rig my model.
However, whenever I try to apply clt-p > Automatic Weights, my model will be shifted by 90 degrees (as shown in the picture).

I am unsure if i’m doing anything wrong and if would like to ask if i could simply rotate the model back into position or if there is a better solution.

This action also comes accompanied with a message : " Bone heat weighting : failed to find solution for one or more bones." I’ve checked the forums and it was said that my armature isn’t symmetrical. However I had x-mirror turned on since the beginning and fail to see why this could be the problem.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Source File

Not sure if this is your problem but its a fast thing to try. Go into object mode for both the armature and mesh. Select the mesh and hit Ctrl + a. A dialog will come up hit apply rotation (may want to apply scale and location just to be sure), I would do this for the armature also. If you rotated the meta rig in object mode and didn’t apply the rotation, that could be your problem.

As for not being symmetrical, I don’t see how that’s possible with the meta rig, unless you deliberately renamed the bones. A quick way to see if the meta rig (rig you use to generate the rigify rig) is symmetrical is to go into edit mode and grab a hand or arm bone and just move it around, if its symmetrical with x mirror on you should see the other side copy the movement of the side your manipulating.

Auto weights suck, it’s better to weight manually… But if this is something you don’t want to put too much effort into, it may not be worth it.

Thanks for you input! Sadly, the issue isn’t rectified as setting the the model with any sort of weighting still results in the model being rotated.
I have attached the source file in my original post in hope that someone can take a look and figure out what is wrong.