Applying Armature Modifier then Deleting Armature Changes Scale

Hi. Whenever I apply the Armature Modifier and then delete the armature in the attached file, a scale change occurs along with it. Can anyone show me how to preserve the mesh as shown when doing so?

GoodSmile_FinalSizeScale.blend (3.3 MB)

  1. Apply the armature modifier.

  2. Select the mesh, alt-p -> clear and keep transformation.

  3. Delete the armature.

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I did already mark the issue resolved and already paid two guys $20 for their effort. I hope you’ll accept a thank for your response! Thanks.

I’d better warn people that if marlonnight offers to make you a video by way of illustration for payment that you’d better see if you can follow it first. He darts around so fast, uses hotkeys such that I can’t even make out what we has doing much of the time, since the screen resolution is so bad (on my screen at least), and he doesn’t include voice narration. So buyer beware.

I wasn’t expecting any money, and thanks are more than I’m used to :slight_smile: Glad you got it solved.