Applying armature to model

Hi I have got a problem with applying armature to a humanoid model

The arm looks rather deformed after the armature was rotated,
can anyone suggest any tutorials / solutions etc. ?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Looks to me like you need to add more loops in the elbow area, and spend some time finessing the weight painting to get the right kind of bend there.

Thank you, don’t really know you mean by loops, but I will look that up :slight_smile:

“loops” is shorthand for “edgeloops,” which are the series of connected edges that form loops around your arms. The mesh deforms according to how these mesh loops are placed, so in areas where there’s a lot of bend (elbows, knees, etc.) it helps to have more loops.

More loops also means more vertices in those areas, so you can do more detailed weight painting there, giving more control over the deformation in those places.

Try highlighting the deformed part in edit mode, hitting shift+k, then multicut horizontally through the highlighted faces.

You can also select the edge rings between loops and use W-KEY>Subdivide. There are a number of subdivision options you can use with this method.