applying deformation

Hi everybody :D,
I want to export to .obj format some poses from a model and I wonder if it’s possible to apply the deformation that the armature make in a mesh, for example: you have a pose on a mesh and you want that pose to become the original pose of the mesh, so if you get out from edit mode that pose is the default one. Sorry If i can’t explain myself very well, my english is a little bit poor :frowning: .
Thanx :wink:

theeth has a python script that will do it

I am looking for his site, can’t seem to find it though
would be

has some other stuff here

maybe you can pm or e-mail him?

Ehh! I finally found that old theeth script, and it works perfectly, it creates another mesh with the deformation applied but without material information, it’s a very little but effective script. If anyone want to use it, here it is:

It’s called
Thanx z2ro d :wink: , bye

you’d be better using the direct link
as I’ll probably disable folder view (or whatever it’s called) soon.