Applying ellipse mask and feathering to transparency

Hi Blender community,

I’m struggling to understand what I’m doing wrong with this one.

Essentially I have a render layer with alpha channel that I wish to feather into transparency using an ellipse mask. I’ve managed to achieve the feathered transparency through some compositing nodes but end up with a black circle in the centre (see pic).

I want to maintain the alpha channel throughout the image. I’m sure this is something simple but please help!

Thanks everyone


the mutiply node shoudn’t be there, instead :
-put one multiply node taking renderlayer image and blur node as input, going to image set alpha node input.

-put another multiply node, taking renderlayer alpha and blur node as input, going to alpha set alpha node input

Since your logo is B&W that can be simplified , and you can take one of the multiply node into both set alpha slots.

Worked like a charm, thanks for the education and the help here I appreciate it :slight_smile: