Applying Force in relation to camera local axis?

Hi, how do I use python to apply Force on an object/projectile in relation to the camera local axis but without first changing the projectile’s own local axis like obj.worldOrientation = cam.worldOrientation usually do? I mean can I translate the camera local axis into a vector of some sort and apply force to another object in the direction the camera is facing?(I’m terrible at math and describing it…)

You’ve got it right when you mention vectors.
You can get an objects vector with getAxisVect(), scale it, then use applyForce() to apply it. You may want to rotate it so the force doesn’t push the object into the ground. I can’t quite think of the required math at the moment, but i’ve done the transform before, and don’t think it was that hard.

own.applyForce(camera.getAxisVect([0,0,-1]), 0)

Thanx, it works like a charm.