Applying gravity to particular objects

The uploader doesn’t seem to be working so here is my Blender file:

I don’t want gravity in my simulation because it seems to mess everything up, but I still want gravity to be applied to my wall so the pieces of the wall fall, is there a way to apply gravity to the wall but keep it out of the scene?


I don’t think you can change effect of gravity on individual rigid bodies. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, an easier way of doing the simulation would be to removal all the rigid body parts of your tank. Then add another object, which will simulate the tank hitting the wall, and parent this object to the main body of the tank. Make this object an active rigid body with Animated active and change the animation of the tank so that it keeps going after hitting the wall. You can restrict its visibility and rendering in the Outliner. Here is an example:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do that! I’ve already learned a few things just from looking at your file!

Here is my updated file:

But there are a few issues that arise now: When I set the plane to animated passive to stop it from falling, the blocks in the wall begin to separate as soon the animation starts. I want the wall to be solid and then separate as soon as the tank hits the wall. I don’t think I had this problem initially. Is there a way to prevent that from happening until the moment of impact with key framing?

Also, some of the blocks fall through my tank. I take it the solution is just to parent more simulation objects or make the simulation object larger/tank shaped etc. My only question would be why not then just add rigid body to the main body of the tank?

I’ve solved both of these problems now. Just had to key frame the exclusion of render layers. Thanks again!