Applying image texture

New to Blender. I want to apply an image texture to part of a 3D model. For example, I want to apply an image to side of 3D human head (See attached image.). Rest of the model should be have a simple solid color applied to it.
Also want to have a textured look on the model where the image is applied.

What is the best way to do this? Should I UV unwrap the whole model if I want to apply an image to only part of it?

Hello and welcome to Blender!

You need to add two materials to the object. In Edit mode, select the faces you want to have the second material and press the assign button.

As for UV unwrapping, you only need to unwrap the section to which you want to apply the image texture. As for a “textured look,” I am assuming you wish to use a Normal Map or perhaps a modifier. The Normal Map would use the same UV unwrapping. For a modifier, you would need to assign a vertex group to the faces to use to limit the affect of the modifier to this area.


Look in the documentation, the Workflow to apply several materials is correctly explained.
Multiple Materials

In this case, I would do a UV/Reset on all faces, move them outside the UV space in UV editor. Then do a UV/Project from view with the side faces selected. Probably add an alpha channel to the image or make a new one that I could use to paint a mask on to make it look good. Chances are that the topology of the faces will not directly support a good looking “by face only” approach.