Applying labels to bottles?

(cree) #1

I tried to search for answers on how to apply labels to bottles and jars and found nothing. Does anyone know how to apply square labels ( jpeg image maps) to cylindrical objects such as bottles and jars. I do not want to cover all of the bottle or jar, just a portion of it. Thanks for your help.

Blenderheads rock.

(pofo) #2

press the ‘clip’ button in the image texture buttons.
Using an empty to place it is usually pretty good, for a bottle it might not be needed though.

  1. pofo

(cree) #3

Thanks, I appreciate your help.

(RipSting) #4

Simpler solution would be to hit the “Tube” button under the material buttons (F5) below the blue-green buttons.

(CurtisS) #5

You can also vary the size of the label with the SizeX and SizeY settings in the Materials buttons.

(cree) #6

A combination of all the above worked perfectly. I used clip, tube, size y and x, as well as ofs x and y ( materials menu) to position the label. Thanks guys, you are very helpful.