Applying Lattices to a Character

I applyed several lattices (with hooks), to diferent parts of my character. I would like to know, how to keep the specific Lattice, to follow (for example) the Foot ?

I tryed a few methods, parenting, even applying the same Armature modifier the mesh uses to the lattice, etc

I’m going to try constraints, but, actually I dont know if that will work either.

Please let me know!

*Remember, for character animation, fully rigged, for posing, etc


It seems theres a function, in the hooks I had to my lattices, that I didnt used, I’m going try it out!

I’ve learned this or seen it, being used @ Otto Free Rig. This probably seems to solve my problem, hopefully.

Ok, forget it, thats the empty name for the hook, thats one already! But what I found out, is that, the empty needs one constrain copy location.

Probably yes… this time…this will solve my problem!

Ok, the problem is solved!

  1. Create Lattice;
  2. Parent Lattice to desired Bone;
  3. Parent Hook to the same bone;

Its actually like any other parenting :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for asking people, once again, other ppl work allways helps. Thanks for the Otto Rig.