Applying ManCandy rig to another mesh

Is this possible? Which bones would you deform with?

I’m thinking about doing this and wondering what would actually be involved.

You could apply the rig to a different rig but it isn’t straight forward

you will loose all the shape keys drivers
all the lattice hooks
and all the action drivers

you would need to resize the armature before you applied the armature modifier to the new mesh

but to answer the question
The bones with the GEO in the name are actually the ones that deform the mesh

basically it’s as much work as building from scratch

my advice - buy the ManCandy DVD and learn how it all works and then you can create it over and over again

Does he actually go over the rigging process in the mancandy DVD? If he does, I think I might look into that.

The Mancandy DVD is excellent, most parts are step by step showing how to rig.

Yes, it’s awesome, a must have :yes:
Orion Tear characters use a derivation of Mancady 1 armature but I’ve build them from scratch.
The bone inserting part it’s fast, the skinning and shape keys process is the one time consuming.

yeah the DVD is great

Bassam breaks it up into the body parts (legs, arms, torso, face, and the stretchy)
some of the sections go faster than others but it’s all build on the same principle
He also shows when things go wrong, why, and then how to fix them.
(this was the most helpful part for me)