Applying movie with alpha channel to mesh

BLENDER 2.5 Alpha 2

I am trying to apply a Quicktime movie with built-in alpha channel to a face (to animate the eyes in a cartoon-style). what settings in the textures panel do I need to use in order to ‘knockout’ the alpha so I have 2 eyes on the underying skin material?

At the moment I am just pretty much using the defaults.
use alpha is checked

Your material needs to have the texture mapped to alpha, and ztrans enabled, and the alpha slider set to 0.

how is this done in alpha 2 of 2.5?

I believe that in the materials panel

You must have transparency checked, Z Transparency is blue and alpha is set to zero.

In the textures panel have your texture file chosen in Image, image sampling has alpha checked, down in Influence check C and Al for Color and Alpha. Both Color and Alpha are set to 1.

You may be running into the quicktime problem. Blender may not be able to read that file. Take your quicktime movie and convert it into an image sequence of PNG files with alpha and try that.

I have found that Blender’s quicktime support is virtually useless on Windows. On OSX, it seems to work a little better.