Applying Object Position at Frame x to Frame 1

Hello all:

Is there a way to apply the location of objects at a later animation frame to Frame 1?

Example: I have a bunch of marbles falling into a bowl so I can get some sort of organic placement… and where they land in the bowl at frame 47 is ideal. But I would like to apply their position to Frame 1. My thinking is that I need more marbles and I wanted to duplicate the ones in the bowl afterwards and manually position them.

I am sure this can be done, but I am am not sure how. Any ideas?


Sure: just set a keyframe at that position, then either copy it or (in Dope Sheet) move it to frame one.

Now, that’s quick 'n easy and will get the job done with no further attention from you … but the marbles won’t move because they’ll always grab that keyframe. But hey, maybe you don’t care.

Thank you both. I tried to find a similar post before posting this one…