Applying pose deformation to skeleton

Hey all!

I’ve been learning to animate for a game but there’s some little stuff I still can’t grasp:

  1. Is it possible to somehow apply the rotation I’ve made in the pose mode to the actual skeleton? If so, how does one do this?

  1. Is there a way to keep the weight paintings applied to correct bones if I apply the relaxed pose deformation to the mesh? When I did this, I lost all the weight paint information and couldn’t pose the deformed mesh anymore.

Please help me out on this one, I’m so close getting this guy into Ogre engine. :spin:

1)Yes there is a script written by a BA member named Crouch a while back :

Just open up a text editor window and open up the script and run it (Alt-P) .

  1. Do you mean you applied the armature modifier to your mesh ? If so you just need to add an armature (after you run the above script) that fits your new pose … The weight paint data should be still there afterwards …

Thanks a ton! Testing this out soon. Currently I have bigger problems with exporting to Ogre (my model’s scale is somehow 100 times bigger than it should be).