Applying procedural material based on an alpha texture

Hi All,
I have a textured object- an ice cream tub. Looks all nice and such.

However I want to use a procedural gold foil I have made for just the logo. I did this, in a simple way, already, by using an alpha texture plugged into the metallic bit of the BSDF node.

It doesnt look good enough though. SO I found a better gold foil procedural material, but I can’t figure out how to have the normal diffuse tub texture, with just the alpha-ed logo in the new fancy procedural gold.

Current material is the node group connected to the output. New gold Im trying to apply is the big highlighted bit at the top. Smaller highlighted bit at bottom is my current crap gold.

Make two shaders: tub and foil (as if they covered the whole object). Than mix two Shaders with Mix Shader node and plug the alpha into Factor input.


Thanks so much, you have fixed a blind spot in my blender kung fu :slight_smile: