Applying rotation and scale, mesh disappear

Applying rotation and scale, mesh disappear or got shrink don’t know. Why the mesh not stick to the same size after applying rotation and scale. I do not want to apply any modifiers. Any solution how it will work.

rotation apply1.blend (807.0 KB)

If you have modifiers on it, turn them off before applying rotation and scale.

There are different 24 mesh and each mesh have different modifier such as subsurf boolean operation etc. To some mesh it has 4-5 boolean operation. Is there any way to hide all the modifier at a click or addon.

I don’t know of any global operator to switch them on and off, there’s probably an add-on out there but you can also use a driver to do this quite easily. You put the driver on the button that toggles the modifier on and off and connect them all to to that one driver. You can then make a little switch from an armature to place on you workspace to toggle the driver. Very handy.

Install the modifiers tool addon. it comes with blender.

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Thanks it really magical addon. Thats what needed