Applying scale and rotate for Rig, buggy animation as the result

Hi there!
I have strange behavior after I applying scale and rotation for my Rig.

problem :

Mb anybody knows how to solve this issue ?
hips bone are root bone, and this bone have a huge graphs curves, and I do not figure out how to decrease hips bone transformations without killing hips animation.

Why apply rotations and transforms at all? The animation seems to work fine. I’m assuming the rig is simply animating using the locations and rotations it started with. Applying rotations and transforms after you animate is going to affect existing animations. That’s the kind of thing I’d do before any key framing. :slight_smile:

Hi, I do applying to all due to this needed for CryBlend-Exporter to save animation properly for CryEngine 5
Actually most known by me engines require this applying before you doing exporting.
Actually after this applying I starting to create additional rig stuff: root bone and collision geometries for hit, ragdoll

And few minutes ago I actually solve my problem: in this way

The main thing of this it’s because root bone(hips) store in it’s keys a large values (loc, rot)
so need to keep in mind actual scale in properties in my case it was scale (0.01, 0.01, 0.01)
so next step make origin of skin and rig the same and bring it to world center (0,0,0)
next: apply scale and rot
next: go to pose mode and select root bone ( hips bone)
next: open graphs editor select all curves press S + Y * 0.01
after all this animation works perfect for me (with identity transformations for rig), and I start add additional bones (new root) and so on…

So, the result of this
idle + walk + run animations merged into 1DBlendSpace_Panda