applying scale to 1 ? Warning message when exporting fbx


[EDIT] Sorry, I applied the scale on the armature, I had to apply the scale on the mesh itself. Sorry, the topic can be deleted.

I have a problem with the scale of my character: the armature and animation are done, but the scale is currently at 0.274. When I export it, it says there could be a problem with the armature if the scale is not applied, and in my game (made with libgdx, a 2D/3D engine), the character is completely flat.

The problem is when I apply the scale with ctrl+a > scale, the bones change their position and the animation is a mess, then I start the animation and it comes back at 0.274, but compared to the new scale, so it is even smaller than before and the scale is still 0.274.

How should I apply the scale so that the warning message does not appear, and the scale stays at 1 ?