Applying scales to a lizard

Hi guys, I’m having trouble finding a non painful way to put scales on my dragon. My first thought was to use a stencil but that is super tedious so far and only really works from specific angles. I was hoping someone could offer advice on how to scale this.


Reference Image.

And the scale.


You could try painting many scales onto the Dragon at once by taking your scale stencil and expanding it into a tiled pattern.

Then there’s another option and that is using the displace modifier to displace a UVmapped scales texture on top of the sculpt work (using vertex weights to limit it to the needed areas).

I wouldn’t bother trying to place modelled scales on that. Just a texture file with a bump map and some manual UV map manipulation in the tricky areas should work well enough. For high-quality texturing you have to develop some real artistic skills. (Not saying you don’t have any!)

make a low poly version of the scale and use a particle system to get the inner scales, then place the outer scales by hand.

Thanks guys, what I think i’m going to do is UV unwrap the dragon after all the other non-scale details are complete, draw the scales over the UV’s and then apply it as a displacement modifier. I don’t think I can get enough control out of the particle system to do this kind of work so I don’t think that is the best option.