Applying shaders

Right. I’m making no progress here whatsoever.

I’ve looked through the toon shader demo in the GE graphics demo, and I’ve tried Social’s advice to no avail.

Has anyone actually managed to apply the shader? ANYONE?? :mad:

I’ve tried making an empty, and applying the script with the object name and everything, and I’ve tried attaching it to the actual object as well…

Agh! What am I doing wrong?? :frowning:

Perhaps your computer specs do not support GLSL…

Yea dude I do shader stuff all the time and it works fine for me.
Your probably not changing the name of the target object in the script. Or your video card does not support GLSL

What card do you have?

A Radeon X600…

Isn’t there a way to change the global settings of the scene so to apply the shader to everything?

I mean, I’ve got the toon shader demo running perfectly at over 100 fps, so I don’t see what I’m doing wrong.

I’m going to try your advice now. :wink:

Oh, could anyone show me a test .blend of the shader working please? It would be a great help. Thanks.