applying shape keys for export(OBJ)

i did some modeling with shape keys. now i would like to export this as an OBJ.

i made a smile . i used vertex group to make the smile for the left and right side.

i would now like to know how can i apply the shape keys to the object so that i can export it as an OBJ. i would like to export two times. the left and right smile.


Are you in Blender 2.5? If so, you can click the ‘Pin’ button under the shape key menu (“Always show the current shape for this object”.) Then you can Shift-D to dup’ the object and export it. (You may not need the Dup but it’s safer). You need to check ‘selection only’ under export. Or you’ll get (at least) both meshes.

i tryed it and it didnt work. when i export it doesnt export the changed shape.

this is how it looks.

When I tried the export it holds the shape of the object based on the shape key. I moved the slider to 1.000 Did you do that? And what program are you opening it in? Because I opened my object in LightWave and the shape was applied.

I exported in Object mode - of course. And for some reason I am not getting a dialog with choices for export.

Checked it again myself.

I can confirm you don’t need the ‘Dup’ step. If the shape key is ‘pinned’ you can export the ‘selection only’

This is in Blender 2.57.1 on Windows (vista & win7).

Attachment #1 = Blender shape key active before export.
Attachment #2 = Resulting exported OBJ


[EDIT: The value doesn’t seem to matter. In my case its got an attached driver and the value is zero.]



The ‘dialog’ you are looking for is in the bottom of the left-hand pane once you activate ‘export’

It’s a 2.5 thing - kind of ‘non-popup’ dialogs :slight_smile:


even if i import to blender the shape is the same. it looks like i am doing something wrong.


Could you maybe post your blend file. I could take a look.

Ah yeah. Thanks. I figured it was something like that but I haven’t looked. And there it is in plain view!

Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Yeah. I am fairly sure you don’t need to pin it. I did not pin mine. It should export the shape as it appears in the 3D view in Object mode. Have you played with any of the default settings in the export panel? Also have you tried to export other formats?

The other question I was still wondering about was what program you are trying to import to? Because you could also try another format.

i created this simple cube example with a shape key. when i export and then import the cube its a normal cube without the change.


cube.blend (396 KB)

Well. It seems to work just fine for me.

I just opened the blend and exported the shape key.

[Edit: Do you want me to post the OBJ back?]


Bummer Can’t attach an OBJ. And it’s too big to post as text.

Zipped exported OBJ is here…

hte only important part in teh export settings is ‘‘selection ‘’ only’’ right?

I don’t think your test file needed even that as there was only one mesh.

Loading your file I get these settings in ‘Export’, which work just fine.


it looks like i need to have ‘‘apply modifiers’’ checked. then it works.

That makes sense. Glad you got it sorted.

Yep. That makes sense. Glad you solved it!