Applying shape keys

Is there any way to apply shape key deformation (that is, I want a completely modifier and shape key-less mesh from my original rigged and IPO driven shape keyed character so that I can radiositize)? alt-c when a mesh has shape keys needs to be fixed; it just gives you a mesh made of points and no edges or faces.

Please help, I have a fully rigged model but I can’t separate or join things to it because of the shape keys, and If I wanted to make a still with radiosity, the shape keys reset themselves like the modifiers.

In Object Mode from the 3D header -> Object -> Scripts -> Apply Deformation .

This will create a copy of your mesh and apply all mesh modifiers as well as the current shapekey, so you might want to edit your modifier stack (like get rid of subsurf modifier - unless you want a higher poly model from this - and add it back after you run the script - same also for the armature modifier as well) .