Applying shape keys ?


I wondered if there was a way to “apply” a shapekey ?

I have a basis and a relative shapekey.
I have painted a weightmap so that my shapekey is applied where i want on the mesh, fine.

But now i want that to be the real deal and the relative shapekey to be new basis. Applying it in a way.
It is needed as i hae to join the mesh to others etc…

I don’t know if it’s the best method or if there’s any other.

1 - Go to File -> User Preferences -> Addons
in the category “Animation” enable the addon (disabled by default) “Corrective shape keys”

2 - set your model shape key like you want for them to be “applied”

3 - click on the little black arrow that point down in the Shape Key panel :

4 - in the drop down menu that appears select “Create Duplicate for Editing”

It will create a duplicate of your model at the same location of your current one, and this one will not have any Shape Key available in the Shape Keys panel, but it will have the actual shape your original model had with the shape key you setup.
As if all the current state of the shape keys had been “applied” to it.

Fantastic !

Exactly what i needed !
I can’t believe that something so basic that applying some kind of deformation is missing from “hard-coded” Blender…

You made my day Sanctuary,thanks again !