Applying Shape Keys

Is there a way to apply shape keys so the model will be deformed in the way the shape keys deform it but without them?

Uh… you just don’t use the shape keys at all and edit the mesh. That’s how most ppl get shape keys to work anyway. By editing the mesh.

I will remember that for next time, but now I do have shape keys and I want to save them. Isn’t there any way to do that?

If you have only one shape key, set its value to 1 and then remove the basis key and then the shape key. If you have more than one shape key, you will have to set the values of all the keys and then add a new key by clicking on the black triangle and choosing New Shape from Mix. Then set the value of the new key to 1 and the value of the others to 0 and then remove all shape keys starting with the basis key.

Thank you very much, it works :smiley: