Applying Simple Curve To Mesh In Z

I have a mesh, a rather flat cylinder (so a disc, basically). Due to the imported model I’m trying to work off of, the dimensions are very small - 0.1 units at its widest, and the vertical axis, as far as the model is concerned, is the Z axis. I don’t think the dimensions or axis themselves are the problem since I can move, scale, rotate etc quite happily, and I managed to create the cylinder exactly as I wanted in that axis.

The problem is that I wanted to apply a very simple, symmetrical curve to the disc - so that its outer edges curve upwards (or its centre curves downwards, don’t mind which). Think of the result as a pancake that has been shaped to the underside of a ball - a very shallow dish shape. ‘Upwards’, of course, refers to a higher Z here.

I just can’t do it. I tried to use the Curve deformation, but that seems to require dragging along a bezier (I would like to apply this curve in-place rather than having to move the shape along a curve - and besides, it seems the bezier only allows manipulation in the XY plane, not the XZ plane as I require), and I tried the Wave but due to the very small sizes I can’t get Narrow anywhere near high enough to meet the 2 / Width requirement according to the manual.

I thought I should be able to use whatever command has its shortcut as ‘O’ as in the tutorial, so that I could drag the centre down - but that command doesn’t even seem to do anything, either in object mode or edit mode with a vertex selected.

So I’m rather stumped. How can I do this? If I could create a sphere and somehow tell my object to form around it, that would be OK.

I don’t want to be rude but rather than all the waffle, show a picture and describe EXACTLY what you want to do. Attach your blend file to your post or other host site. You may know exactly what you want to do but no-one else does so you have to put that across in a way that is easily understood to give those who may want to help you the easiest job possible.

The ‘O’ proportinal falloff is what you’re after, but you need to scroll with the mouse wheel (down) until the sphere of influence is affecting the verts that you want. You might also need more tessellation (higher res mesh/more verts) in order to achieve this and have it look good.