Applying subdivision surfaces to many objects at once


I’ve modeled many particles by Voronoi shattering of a cubic block into many pieces.
However, I want to apply “subdivision surface” tool to all of them to get a smoother surface for them.
The only way I found out is that I have to do it one by one which takes a lot of time for thousands particles.
I tried grouping, joining, but none of them worked!.
The problem with joining is that it is possible to apply subdivision surface to all particles, but I cannot separate particles again! As a result, I’ll have a bunch of stuck-together particles.

Any suggestion? Help?

Put the modifier on one of them, then deselect all, select all of the particles, selecting the one with the modifier last. Then press ctrl+L and choose “modifiers”.

Use Ctrl+1 for subsurf at level 1 or Ctrl+2 for subsurf at level 2 etc to add a subsurf modifier to all the currently selected objects

Or add the modifier to one onject then use Ctrl+L to link that modifier to other selected objects

Or enable the Copy Attributes addon to copy selected modifiers to selected objects from the current active object

Didn’t know the shortcut worked for multiple objects, good to know!

Thank you, good point

but there is still a problem, in this way I can assign the modifier to all objects, but still not “applied” to all objects!
What should I do to apply them to all objects?

Why do you need to apply the modifier ? With thouands of objects you’ll potentially hit viewport performance for what benefit ?

Because I intend to simulate the behaviour of granular material when their surface becomes smoother.
and I found out until the modifier has not been applied, it will not have any effect on physical behaviour of grains.

If you’re trying to do grains, you should be working with particles.

Blender’s physics engine isn’t an accurate science tool, by the way. It’s just a tool for faking visual effects.

Good to know about it, but its quite new to me.

Could you give some clues to start?

Not without more info about what you are trying to do. There are lots of tutorials and documentation on particles in the meantime.

If you do want to apply the subsurf modifiers for all selected objects you can run this script in a text window

Thank you very much indeed.
This worked like a charm!