Applying Subsurf got error

I was attempting to apply a subsurf modifier and got the following error message

Modifiers cannot be applied to multi-user data
Can anybody explain what this error means and how to get around it?

Your object is using the same meshi as another object.
Select your object, and look at the ‘Links and materials’ panel under ‘editing (F9)’. Where it says 'ME:meshname" look a bit to the right, you should see a number, that’s the number of objects using the same mesh, click that number to make the mesh ‘single user’. After that you can apply the modifier.

Why do you need to apply the subsurf modifier, I usually try to avoid that.

Thanks for the quick answer. That worked great.

I was trying to export a moel into a CAD program. My first attempt didn’t have the subsurface exported.

>>Thanks for the quick answer. That worked great.<<

And from me too :smiley: