applying subsurf in render


ok, i want to subdivide a cube catmull-clark style, and apply it to make that the object. when i do this, and render, it looks weird, like more sides have been added than i wanted. what am i doing wrong.


In the Subsurf Modifier you have 2 Fields, the top one “Levels” is for the Viewport and the bottom one “Render Levels” is for render.


ive put both of these at 1, and applyed the modifier.

still weird. it looks like the quads have become tris. need pics?

Did you “SetSmooth” in F9? Pics are always good.


thats what i mean. the model cant be in shading, or it gets messed up.


Remove Doubles?


nope :frowning:

Send me the file ([email protected]), I’ve got about another hour.


hmm…i dont think its worth sending, you can make it really easily.

  1. default cube
  2. subsurf modifier, 1 in view, 1 in render, catmull clark
  3. apply to make the sub surf permantent.
  4. render with default lighting ( i moved the lamp around as much as possible)

thanks for taking so much time out of ur own hands :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I get; setsmooth on the left and setsolid on right:


hmm…i want to keep the sharp edges, which you cant see in the shaded one.